The millennial generation was raised with one common warning hammered into our brains at every turn: be careful what you post online, because you can’t take it back.

That’s solid advice, but it’s no longer true. At least, not where Twitter is concerned. It’s easy to delete old tweets for whatever reason the user sees fit, from typos to embarrassing fits of online rage that seem a little silly in retrospect. Ultimately, there are three ways to erase your Twitter history (assuming no one has screenshot your post) but only one method can reign supreme.

Option One: Delete Tweets Individually

The platform itself offers the ability to “take it back” one post at a time, but for users who have roamed Twitter for years and matured beyond their old youthful posts of song lyrics and rebellious cursing of the world, deleting one post at a time doesn’t quite cut it.

Even users with a shorter lifespan on the platform aren’t necessarily candidates for the “one at a time” method. After all, the initial appeal of Twitter was that it served as a platform to post quick, short messages, capped at 280 characters as of 2020. Users typically find themselves creating pages upon pages of post content without much time at all. For such users, to delete tweets bit by bit would be entirely too time-consuming.

Option Two: Delete Your Account

For many Twitter users, this option is especially unappealing. Some accounts have spent years amassing followers and curating a personalized dashboard of Tweets by following hundreds of other users. In certain cases, professional freelancers rely on these connections for a steady stream of new work. So while erasing an entire account is one way to delete Tweet history once and for all, it comes at a steep price.

Beyond personal or professional accounts, though, some users who take part in online communities via Twitter would view deleting their account as deleting every good memory and relationship formed through their time in the community. Simply put, it isn’t an option for them.

Option Three: Delete Tweet Archive through a Third Party Program

There are numerous apps and programs dedicated to helping users delete old tweets without having to resort to hours of deletion or erasing their accounts. Twitter Archive Eraser allows users to delete tweets by date, delete tweets by year, and even delete tweets by media type.

Twitter Archive Eraser was built with users in mind, with easy navigation that makes the task of cleaning up your Twitter account simple. Thousands of Tweets can be selected in bulk with a few clicks, past the 3200 Twitter limit, and sorted into “keep” or “delete” while allowing users to specify what type of Tweets they would like selected. This includes the ability to delete tweets that mention or replies to a particular user and also allows accounts to delete tweets by media type, such as posts that contain images or videos.


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If users so choose, they can even delete Twitter history based on specified keywords or text patterns, going as far as to select a particular time range through the program’s ability to delete tweets by date. Long time accounts can also delete tweets by year, allowing for a truly fresh start on an old account.

While many users are looking to delete tweet history for their accounts, others are more interested in deleting Direct Messages (DMs), which Twitter Archive Eraser also provides. Users can select DMs by date range, sender, keywords, and more to clear their inboxes of unwanted messages. Others still may find relief in the program’s “favorites” eraser, also known as deleting the user’s “likes” through the same available methods used to delete old tweets or DMs. These options are complimentary and are limited by the Twitter API working properly (so no guarantees there.)

Saving the Best

Sometimes, however, Twitter accounts don’t necessarily want to delete tweets and are more interested in saving posts. Twitter Archive Eraser allows users to view, browse, and search their favorites, DM’s, and posts to discover their best ranking Tweets. The programs “Smart Analysis” tool quickly determines a user’s most successful post via favorites, retweets, and replies, no matter how old.

Getting set up with Twitter Archive Eraser is designed to be quick and easy, and it doesn’t disappoint. Simply authenticate the program through Twitter (essentially granting the program access to your account), and it will just be a matter of loading your Twitter Archive by your selected date range. The program can then analyze, search, and delete tweet history without spending hours of your time.


A step-by-guide on how to delete Twitter history through Twitter Archive Eraser is available here! Whether you want to delete old tweets or save your crème de la crème, this program makes the work easy. It’s little wonder Twitter Archive Eraser has been downloaded +800k times, but if there’s one solid truth in the world, it’s that Twitter users know that they like.